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Docual’s is an Italian brand, it was born 40 years ago in the Marche region, known around the world as Italy's heart of creation for handcrafted footwear. Lightness, functionality and flexibility are the main characteristics of Doucal’s shoes, that are created for the most elegant and demanding clientele.

Starting with the assumption that shoes are not only a strong part of a man’s outfit, but also a status symbol, Doucal’s designers always try to create footwear with exclusive quality and long lasting comfort, always true to the Italian style. The core models of the house are derbies shoes, oxfords, and loafers, these classic men’s shoes are comfortable enough to wear all day, yet stylish enough for business commitments.

Great tradition and outstanding craftsmanship are the ingredients for this high class, Italian made, premium quality shoes.

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The items of this brand are currently only available at our shop in Via Marcelline, 25 20063 Cernusco Sul Naviglio (MI).
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