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“Greatness means: to give a direction.  No river is great and bounteous through itself alone, but rather because it takes up so many tributaries and carries them onwards: that makes it great.”

This quote from Nietzsche fully expresses the mood of Eddy Daniele: each sandal comes from the channeling of several tributaries. The experience in the footwear industry and in the production of accessories, the creativity and the elegant taste of the designers, are all involved in the creation of the precious Eddy Daniele sandals.
Everything starts from the classic Positano sandal, a real must have for summers on the Amalfi Coast. Thanks to the creativity of the designers of Eddy Daniele this simple piece of footwear turns into a shoes rich in details, precious gems and crystals.

The Eddy Daniele shoes dress and adorn feet, giving femininity, personality and sensuality even to the more simple summer outfit.

Made of natural materials, such as the softest leathers and leather soles Eddy Daniele sandals are the perfect footwear for summer.


The items of this brand are currently only available at our shop in Via Marcelline, 25 20063 Cernusco Sul Naviglio (MI).
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