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Emanuela Caruso is the founder of the well-known Italian brand born in Capri, a wonderful place, full with colors, nature and beauty that inspire the Emanuela Caruso sandals collection. Every product created by the Italian shoes designer is precious and unique, handmade with selected materials like Swarovski crystals, gems and corals; this is why Emanuela Caruso’s creations can be considered as jewels for feet. Luxury is not only beauty and taste, it is also quality, therefore the Capri sandals are all made with the softest leather hides and the most resistant leather soles.

Emanuela Caruso shoes are the perfect union of style, elegance, passion and Made in Italy.


The items of this brand are currently only available at our shop in Via Marcelline, 25 20063 Cernusco Sul Naviglio (MI).
Contact us for more information!