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Lemarè is an Italian brand, inspired to Le Marais, a very cool and artistic neighborhood in Paris, as a result of that Lemarè shoes are a very interesting mix of refined French style and Made in Italy.

Completely manufactured in the Marche region, in the heart of Italy, all Lemarè products are the result of handcrafted production and technological innovation, but they also express the cheerful and lively mood of Le Marais. The result of this combination is a young and dynamic brand that focuses on quality and comfort. 

Lemarè designers are continuously seeking for new lines and trendy colors, they select the most refined materials and leathers, always keeping their focus on both fashion and quality. They create shoes for women that want to be feminine without giving up comfort. 


The items of this brand are currently only available at our shop in Via Marcelline, 25 20063 Cernusco Sul Naviglio (MI).
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