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Absolute artisanship, rigorous selection of raw materials and exclusively Italian production – Majo was funded and continues to work based on these fundamental principles.

The company was born in 2000, in Terni, in the heart of Italy, and it has always been true to its philosophy. For this reason, the brand Majo established itself in the fashion system and in a short time, it entered in the most prestigious stires in Italy and abroad.

Majo bags are modern and up-to-date, but they are made using a very special technique that comes from the past and that only expert artisans with a long experience in manufacturing leather goods are able to use. Every single piece is hand crafted and therefore every product is unique and unconventional.

Majo accessories are designed for those who want “to be” more than “to seem”.


The items of this brand are currently only available at our shop in Via Marcelline, 25 20063 Cernusco Sul Naviglio (MI).
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