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The history of the brand Seboy’s began in 1954, when its founder decided to turn his workshop in a real company. Since then a path to success that leads Seboy’s to be one of the most trusted brands when it comes to men's shoes.

Seboy’s is an Italian company, a flagship of the made ​​in Italy and of the renowned Italian style, appreciated all over the world. The collections, made ​​of boots, loafers and Texas boots, are distinguished by a sophisticated design and cutting-edge, always in step with the latest trends in fashion.

The materials selected by the company for the creation of the classic men's shoes are of excellent quality, while the laser machining and attention to every detail make each Seboy’s shoe a mix of classic and modern style that combines in a single product.

Seboy’s shoes are the perfect blend of quality and style, a real must-have for modern men careful to details.


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